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How can I help sissy social become a better site and be around to enjoy for years to come?

Thank you so much for visiting this page and indeed for visiting sissy social :) Put very simply Sissy Social like everything else in this world costs money to host and run. As Sissy Social becomes more popular and of course we want to add more features, then this costs even more money! Currently, Sissy Social does not generate any kind of income and it's costs are purely met by subsidizers and generous donators. Without these donations the site would not exist. If you would like to help then please consider a donation. It does not have to be a huge amount even a dollar is greatly appreciated!!

Currently we have a fixed server cost of $159.00 USD per month.

Donations are anonymous, the wording: "Excodor-SS" will appear on your credit/debit card statement. There is NO mention of sissy social anywhere. In this regard this could be a purchase of anything!!

Ideally we would like to secure the sites future well in advance so we can plan major new features. We have a campaign running to secure funds to prepay the server for 12 months. Please be generous!!

Every cent donated to sissy social is used to pay and improve the site. I give my time and expertise freely and with pleasure. I have big plans for the site and these can only be achieved if the site is funded and secure well into the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

lauren x

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Please help! You can donate via the very secure PayPal system. You do not even need a PayPal account. Pretty much every kind of payment method is accepted! Just click the button below and we will direct you to our PayPal secure page.